A Taste of Greece by Mavrikos Imports S.A. - exporters of Greek products to supermarket chains, wholesalers and importers Greek products - Foodstuffs, Wine, Ouzo, Olive Oil

Greek products, ouzo, wine, olive oil, foodstuff


Mavrikos Imports S.A. is a family company established by Mr. G. Mavrikos who started his career in 1963 in Port Said Egypt and continued successfully by setting up the Mavrikos Imports S.A. in 1975. Since then, the energy, the business acumen, the innovatory spirit are the three features that classify Mavrikos company among the new generation of companies who dare, risk and envisage.

I longed to preserve and bequeath to the rest of the world the colors, tastes and flavors of the sunny Greece. This longing encouraged me to create this catalogue in which you will find olive oil, herbs, olives and olives preservatives, wines, teaspoon delights, traditional pasta, fish and assorted preserved vegetables in jars as well as some dairy products, Greek dishes and liqueurs, ouzo, brandies and home made liqueurs and products.

Greece is the way of taking a real pleasure from a glass of ouzo at midday, or from a teaspoon delight served with a glass of gold water in the afternoon.

It is wonderful to be Greek and it is definitely a joy to be able to taste the pure products of this country!

Maria Mavrikos
Import-Export Manager